“Taxi Driver” actress confesses to Lee Je Hoon on “Strong Heart League”, “Except for the role, I truly loved him”

SBS’s entertainment program “Strong Heart League” aired the first episode on May 23rd.

The splendid lineup of talkers on the program drew attention. Ho Dong team and Seung Gi team had a talk battle. They went on introducing the talkers. Ho Dong team revealed the thumbnail first and this person appeared with the title “I truly loved Lee Je Hoon”. That was Shim So Young, the actress who impressed many viewers with her enthusiastic acting in “Taxi Driver”.


Regarding Lee Je Hoon, whom she worked with on “Taxi Driver”, Shim So Young said, “I’m single. Why can’t I love Lee Je Hoon? Why not?”. The actress said she fell in love at first sight with Lee Je Hoon and is still having an unrequited love for him.

Shim So Young emphasized, “I was very nervous when doing romantic scenes but everyone laughed. I was 100% serious back then. That’s why I felt very upset back then”, adding “Except for the role, I sincerely loved Lee Je Hoon”.


Lee Je Hoon also sent a video letter to her on the show. The actor said, “I’m glad to meet you, senior. I don’t know how to react knowing you said many good things about me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”, adding “If I had a wish, I would love to act with you again in my next work. To be more greedy, I want to imagine a reunion of Madam Lim and Wang Tao Zi. I’ll look forward to that day. I love you”. As soon as Lee Je Hoon delivered his greetings, everyone cheered loudly.

Source: Daum

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