Heavily criticized, yet Chinese star Angelababy continues to stan BLACKPINK

Angelababy was heavily criticized for going to a BLACKPINK concert in January, but she continued to show a strong fan spirit. 

On May 20th and 21st, BLACKPINK held their world tour “Born Pink” in Macau.


Among the thousands of BLINKs (fans of BLACKPINK) filling the venue, Angelababy was also present. She enjoyed BLACKPINK’s performance along with Taiwanese cellist Ou-Yang Nana and Mario Ho, the son of the late casino tycoon Stanley Ho.

Previously in April, Angelababy had attended BLACKPINK’s concert in Hong Kong in January, expressing her fan spirit. However, Chinese netizens heavily condemned her, mentioning the political situation between China and South Korea and questioning, Can a Chinese actress attend a South Korean girl group’s concert?” 


They even referred to Angelababy as a “traitor” and trended hashtags such as “Angelababy watched BLACKPINK’s concert” on Chinese social media.

At the time, local media reported that some Chinese individuals expressed dissatisfaction due to strengthened epidemic prevention regulations in Korea, such as mandatory PCR testing for incoming travelers from China.

Despite the backlash, however, Angelababy recently attended another BLACKPINK concert, proving herself as a loyal fan.


In fact, a list of Chinese celebrities who attended BLACKPINK’s concert has been spread on Chinese social media platform Weibo, and a boycott against them was declared. 

The fact remains, however, that BLACKPINK’s concert tickets in China were sold out immediately, and online ticket prices skyrocketed up to eight times the original price, reflecting the high local demand. Despite ongoing criticisms, it seems that there are still numerous fans of BLACKPINK in China.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is preparing for a concert in Osaka, Japan, on June 3rd and 4th.

Source: Nate 

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