Tattoos → Remodeling empty houses… The diversity of variety shows these days

These days, entertainment shows have become more and more diverse.

Recently, a new wind is blowing in entertainment programs. Platforms and broadcasting stations are introducing more and more diverse formats.

Online video service (OTT) Wavve introduced “The Tattooist” on Nov 16th. This work depicts a secret but confident K-tattoo story. Here, a variety of people visit the tattoo shop, including an engineer whose fingers were amputated in a sudden mechanical accident while working, and a housewife who wants to recreate large scars after breast cancer surgery with tattoos. Singer Lee Seok Hoon and dancer Monika appear as “tattoo shop managers” who sympathize with clients’ stories and have sincere talks with tattooists and clients.

the tattooist

There is also an entertainment program that remodels empty houses. It is KBS2’s entertainment program “Second House”, which premiered on Nov 3rd. This show captures city people’s “dream” and stars’ self-sufficient slow life. It is a healing reality program that vividly conveys the process of stars fixing and decorating empty houses in the countryside for months. Couple Choi Soo Jong – Ha Hee Ra, Joo Sang Wook and Jo Jae Yoon appear as fixed members and give fresh fun.

second house

TVING will present its webtoon OST production project music show “Webtoon Singer” early next year. This program is a music variety show that combines K-pop, which is loved around the world, with K-webtoon, which stands tall as a global content, to create webtoon OSTs. There are various formats of music entertainment, but “Webtoon Singer” is attracting attention because it is the first webtoon OST production show. On “Webtoon Singer”, which heralded the birth of a K-content that has never been seen before, people not just sing but also show performances using XR.

Source: Naver

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