Taeyong revealed that the “ZOO” stage was not planned and he choreographed the dance himself

In a recent fancall with fans, Taeyong (NCT) revealed that the “ZOO” stage was not originally part of SM’s promotion plan.

He said, “As everyone knows, “ZOO” is a song recorded for SMTOWN’s winter album. I thought that it would be a bit of a waste if it was only included in the album and not performed on stage. At that time, I was very busy and didn’t have much experience, but I told the company that I wanted a stage to perform this song, so I created a performance of “ZOO”.”

ZOO stage SMTOWN 2022 concert

Taeyong showcased his amazing ability as the choreographer for “ZOO” (along with dancer Bada Lee). Fans all think that “ZOO” is one of the highlights in the SMTOWN 2022 concert with excellent performances by Taeyong, Jeno, Hendery, Yangyang (NCT) and Giselle (aespa).

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