“Ta-da!” Jungkook’s passionate dance practice as BTS’ lead dancer

BTS Jungkook revealed how he was learning to dance, making fans around the world flutter.

On Feb 21st, Jungkook posted a photo on his Instagram along with the caption saying “Ta-da!

In the photo, Jungkook seemed to be dancing in a place that looked like a dance practice room, raising fans’ curiosity.

In the post that day, Jungkook tagged a studio that specializes in house dance, giving us a glimpse of how he was learning to dance.

In addition, Jungkook, who is in charge of the group’s “lead dancer” position with his high-level dance skills, showed extraordinary passion by learning to dance even during his vacation.

Earlier, Jungkook released a dance video through Instagram once, raising fans’ expectations for his new choreography.

Besides, Jungkook boasted the aura of a heavenly celebrity with his hip and cool looks despite simple and natural fashion style.

bts jungkook instagram

Fans showed reactions such as “Jungkook, can I look forward to your dance video?”, “Jungkook is the king of dance!!! I’m here waiting for your dance video!!!”, “Jungkook, who works hard every day, is so cool”…

On that day, the dance studio “Higgs” and the dancer in the photo also praised Jungkook for showing fast absorption and being passionate through the official Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Jungkook surpassed 33 million Instagram followers, proving his presence as a global top star.


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