T.O.P officially announced his withdrawal from BIG BANG, “There is no plan for BIG BANG as the whole group”

T.O.P made an official confirmation of his departure from BIG BANG through the media.

Through a phone call with Dispatch on June 1st, TOPSPOT Pictures said,T.O.P has already withdrawn from BIG BANG”, adding “It’s difficult to confirm the exact timing. There will be no reversals.”


Seems like it will be hard to see BIG BANG as a whole group for the time being. According to officials from YG Entertainment, they have no plan to gather BIG BANG with full members.

On May 31st, when a fan commented on T.O.P’s SNS, asking “Did you leave BIG BANG?”, T.O.P replied, “I’ve already withdrawn”. He added, “I’ve already told you guys that I’m leaving and I’m now facing a new chapter in my life since last year.”

T.O.P also screenshotted an article calling him “BIG BANG T.O.P” and posted it on his SNS. In particular, he even wrote made a cross ‘X’ on the word “BIG BANG” to emphasize that he has already left the group.


T.O.P ended his exclusive contract with YG in February last year. At that time, YG said, “We respect T.O.P’s opinion that he wanted to expand his solo activities besides BIG BANG”.

Later, T.O.P announced his participation in the moon travel project “DearMoon” by SpaceX, a space exploration company founded by Elon Musk. The spacecraft will orbit the moon for seven days.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon is the only BIG BANG member under YG. Daesung and Taeyang already left the agency.

Source: Dispatch

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