T-Ara Hyomin made an ambiguous post after her recent breakup announcement, “The familiarity of a relationship…”

T-Ara Hyomin reported her recent status after breaking up with soccer player Hwang Ui-jo.

On March 13th, Hyomin posted a photo of some sentences in a book through her Instagram.

The released photo includes phrases, such as, “Tension and distance act as a brake to prevent rudeness arising from the familiarity of a relationship”, “Even in a close relationship, you should always be careful with what you say, and convey your feelings clearly”, “In any relationship, you need to know how to keep a proper distance so that you can get closer to the other person or get away from him/her when necessary”.

t-ara hyomin

Earlier in January, Hyomin was rumored to have been in a romantic relationship with soccer player Hwang Ui-jo.

It is said that the two first met each other through introductions of acquaintances and developed into lovers in November last year. After then, both sides have never officially expressed any positions on their dating rumor, raising netizens’ curiosity.

Hyomin break up with Hwang Ui-jo

However, on March 8th, Hyomin suddenly announced her breakup. She said, “At that time, we met and began a relationship with good feelings, but due to burdensome situations, we naturally became estranged. Now, we are still supporting each other”.

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