Suzy Reveals Thoughts about Park Bo-gum, “I Know About the Dating Rumors”

An interview with Suzy has revealed her thoughts about the movie “Wonderland” and filming experience with Park Bo-gum. 

Recently, top actors such as Tang Wei, Suzy, Park Bo-gum, Jung Yu-mi, Choi Woo-sik, and Gong Yoo starred together in the movie “Wonderland”, which follows an omnibus format. It tells the story of people who reunite with their loved ones through a video call service that uses AI to restore deceased individuals.

In an interview regarding this movie, Suzy praised the movie “Wonderland” for rekindling her love for acting, saying, “It was a set that taught me the fun of acting. If acting felt distant, this project brought it closer to me. I had a lot of fun filming it. It changed my perception of acting.”

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“Previously, I couldn’t see the entire work well because I was focused on my acting. However, with ‘Wonderland,’ I was able to see the whole movie. Nowadays, I don’t feel much regret because I believe the acting I did at that time was the best I could do. Especially with this project, I felt unexpected sadness when other characters appeared. That part is the charm of the work”, she added.

Suzy also mentioned her thoughts about her co-star Park Bo-gum, stating, “Before working with Bo-gum, I thought he was just handsome, warm, and radiant. We were friendly colleagues who met once a year as MCs at the Baeksang Arts Awards. When I met him through the project, I saw him as Tae-ju and felt a desire to hug him. That side of him showed a lot while acting. As a person, he’s strong and has a solid inner core. He has a face that can convey various emotions, not just a handsome face. While working on the movie, we became closer, and that showed well in the film.”

Prior to the release of “Wonderland”, Suzy and & Park Bo-gum revealed various photos of themselves on set via social media. Their excellent chemistry even sparked dating rumors and online reactions wishing they were a real couple.

Regarding this, Suzy expressed, “I knew about those reactions. As Bo-gum mentioned, we probably got those questions because our chemistry felt real in the movie. I think things are going well. I’ve always worked hard to promote my projects, but I had more affection for this one. It was a project where I felt very happy on set. I waited a long time for its release and learned a lot during preparation and filming. The set was meaningful to me. Since Jung-in and Tae-ju’s screen time might be short, we tried to fill it with props and photos. We couldn’t convey all the stories in the film, but we did our best to ensure our story was well-delivered.”


One reason Suzy decided to join “Wonderland” was her admiration for director Kim Tae-yong’s work and the opportunity to work with senior actors like Tang Wei and Jung Yu-mi. 

“When I received the offer, I felt burdened but also saw it as a chance to learn. Although I didn’t have many scenes with the senior actors, watching how they brought the script to life was refreshing and an honor. Director Kim’s ‘Late Autumn’ is one of my favorite films, and I really wanted to work with him. After working with him, I understood why he creates such warm stories. He is genuinely warm-hearted”, the actress stated,

Finally, Suzy reflected on the fact that she is now in her 30s, saying, “I’ve always looked forward to my 30s. I’m curious and excited about how I’ll age. I think I’ll be more at ease mentally and have a broader range of expressions. But now that I’m in my 30s, not much has changed. Now, I’m looking forward to my 40s. I’m satisfied with my filmography because I’ve always done projects I really wanted to do and gave my best. I like taking things one step at a time and completing a work well.”

According to Suzy, she is not the type to be afraid of what’s ahead, and although she’s not prone to loneliness, she often chooses lonely characters. 

“I feel drawn to characters with conflicts, whether it’s loneliness or confusion, rather than just bright characters”, the actress stated, adding, “Maybe it’s a desire to express those emotions. While I might be insensitive to my own feelings, I feel a catharsis from expressing complex emotions. I’m attracted to characters with a wide range of emotions.”

Source: Daum

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