Kim Jaejoong “Sasaeng Fan Kissed Me While I Slept”

Singer Kim Jaejoong shared a chilling story about sasaeng fan experiences

On July 1st, Kim Jaejoong appeared as a guest on SBS PowerFM’s “Cultwo Show”.

On June 26th, Kim Jaejoong released his 4th full-length album “FLOWER GARDEN” to commemorate his 20th debut anniversary. One of the tracks, “Don’t”, has garnered attention for targeting sasaeng fans.

kim jae joong

When asked if many fans had intruded into his dormitory, Kim Jaejoong revealed, “There were too many. They came not only to the dorm but also to my home.”

He shared “One day, I dreamt that a woman kissed me. It didn’t feel like a dream, so I opened my eyes, and it felt like there was a face inside a black cloth. I thought it was a dream and closed my eyes again, but I could feel something. It didn’t feel like a dream, so I opened my eyes again, and there was a woman looking down at me. Her black hair was hanging down, so I could only see her face“, surprising everyone.

Kim Jaejoong pleaded, “It was really scary. Please don’t do that.”

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