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Suzy on her unchanging beauty after 10 years, “Secret to look young? I think I’m born with it”

Suzy boasted about her youthful visual that remains the same even after 10 years ago on “Entertainment Weekly”.

Singer-actress Suzy appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Weekly”, which aired on June 30th. Suzy is receiving favorable reviews for her excellent acting performances in Coupang Play’s drama “Anna”. Regarding her secret to performing such deep acting, she said, “I wanted to portray the character well, so I met a psychologist and received advice in detail for each situation in the drama.”

She continued, “I asked the psychologist, ‘What kind of energy would be more convincing and realistic to act with?’, and he explained that Anna is a girl with lots of anxieties so she can lie in a diligent way.”


Regarding the things about Anna or Yumi that she sympathized with, Suzy said, “I felt a little strange that I could understand the character right when I read the script. One similarity between myself and my character is our diligence. Yumi lies in her own way and lives hard for the image of Anna that she created. I’m also a diligent person. I think I resemble my character in that way.”

When asked if she recently told a lie, Suzy shared, “I often ate jjamppong and tangsuyuk before going to the gym but I said I only ate jjamppong. Or, when I didn’t want to exercise and just wanted some light practice, I pretended to be in a bad mood or pretended to have a call”, drawing laughter.


Suzy was impressed by her unchanging beauty when comparing the photo of when she wears a school uniform in “Anna” and her graduation photo 10 years ago. She said, “I think I’m born with it”, revealing her honest charm. Regarding herself 10 years later, Suzy said, “Now and even 10 years later, I want to be an actor who can let people feel my sincerity.”

Source: Daum

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