BTS Jungkook engaged in a spar with a martial artist “Nice Fight”

A spar between BTS Jungkook and Choo Sunghoon, a mixed martial artist, recently took place.

On June 29th, Choo Sunghoon revealed on his SNS account a photo of him making a thumbs up while side by side with BTS Jungkook, along with the caption “Nice fight”. The BTS member had his hands wrapped around the martial artists while wearing a black T-shirt and showing off his cuteness by tying his bangs up to make the “apple hairstyle”.

BTS Jungkook

In the following photo, the two could be seen hugging each other after a spar.

BTS Jungkook previously released a video of his hobby, boxing, on his personal SNS. Under this video, Choo Sunghoon drew attention by leaving a comment saying: “Spar with me next time”, after watching a video of Jungkook shared by Jungkook’s trainer.

BTS Jungkook

Afterwards, Choo Sunghoon shared via SNS that Jungkook saw the article, smiled, and answered “I’m dying”, raising expectations for a meeting between the two. 

It seems that the scheduled meeting has finally been fulfilled, and the two had a spar together. 

Meanwhile, Jungkook released a new song called “Left And Right” in collaboration with famous American singer Charlie Puth on June 24th.

charlie puth jungkook left and right

Source: daum

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