Surprising news from the actress Kim Woo Bin fell in love with at first sight in “Twenty”

Current whereabouts of this “Twenty” actress have been unveiled. 

On February 23rd, the news of actress Jung Joo Yeon’s marriage was reported. Her agency confirmed, saying, “It is true that Jung Joo Yeon is marrying an older non-celebrity in March.”

jung joo yeon

Since Jung Joo Yeon’s husband-to-be is a non-celebrity, her agency remained silent about the details of the wedding and mentioned the actress’s future activities, saying, “Jung Joo Yeong will continue to work after her marriage.”

Jung Joo-yeon

Jung Joo Yeon is known to have made her debut through a villain role in the 2010 drama “Stormy Lovers.” Three years later, in the daily soap opera “Princess Aurora”, she played Park Ji Young, who confronts Aurora (Jeon So Min). 

Jung Joo Yeon’s actual debut was in EPIK HIGH’s “Wanna Be” and “Trot” MVs parodying the movie “The Host”.

Jung Joo-yeon

Most of Jung Joo Yeon’s lead roles in dramas are images that arouse sympathy. She transformed into confident characters who don’t lose hope despite being poor. Her other roles are usually a woman from a wealthy family or a proud and enterprising woman, but her real personality is somewhat introverted, quiet and calm.

In the movie “Twenty”, Jung Joo Yeon appears as Heo Eun Hye, Kim Woo Bin’s love at first sight. After that, she took a 5-year hiatus and returned in the 2020 movie “Yoga Hakwon”. 

Jung Joo-yeon

Jung Joo Yeon was also selected as a golf ball brand model last year and showed off her appearance in golf wear, drawing keen attention from netizens.

Netizens commented, “It’s nice to see Jung Joo Yeon frequently”, “I want to see her in a drama or movie”, “She’s like a real model”, etc. 

Source: Daum

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