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“Superstar” BTS Jin, answer Running Man members’ questions -> reveal anecdotes with world-class singers

BTS Jin will reveal his daily life as a “superstar”.

In the Oct 30th broadcast of SBS’ “Running Man“, BTS Jin will appear as a guest and divide teams with Ji Seok-jin to conduct the “Seok-jin vs. Seok-jin” race.

BTSJinRunning Man

When Jin appeared, the members expressed curiosity about superstar Jin’s daily life, saying, “A real superstar has come.” Starting with Yoo Jae-suk, various questions such as “Which star did you become close with abroad?”, “Have you ever been invited to a foreign star’s house?” and “How did you feel when receiving Billboard awards?” heated up the atmosphere at the scene.

BTSJinRunning Man

Jin said “My modifier is ‘superstar’…” and revealed BTS‘ episodes that have not been revealed elsewhere, from anecdotes with “world-class pop singers” to overwhelming memories of winning prizes at the Billboard Music Awards (BBMA).

In response, the members exclaimed, “You’re a great talker”, “The future BTS is definitely Jin”, “I fell in love with you”…

BTSJinRunning Man

Jin then turned the scene upside down by revealing his ambition, “I wish I could join ‘Running Man’ instead of Seok-jin hyung.” “Running Man” will air at 5 PM on Oct 30th.

Source: daum

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