Super Junior’s confused reaction when they were announced the winner at award shows: “What just happened?” 

As expected of SM’s “funniest boy group”, Super Junior’s expressions when they knew they won something are hilarious. 

Super Junior is one of the most popular 2nd gen boy groups. They contributed a major role to the spread of the Hallyu wave across Asia. Although Super Junior has gone through various changes over the years and could not keep the original lineup with 13 members, they remain an iconic idol group that is loved by fans and admired by juniors in the industry. Super Junior is also the team that started the trend of idol groups with a large number of members for future generations of Kpop.

Super Junior
Super Junior

Now that they have moved past the peak of their career, Super Junior has funny moments when the members even… forgot they were famous. At year-end award shows when 3rd gen groups had already risen to the top, Super Junior had the most hilarious reactions upon hearing their name called to go up on stage to receive awards. 

It seems that because the members were aware Super Junior was no longer the most successful artist at joint events, they often attended award shows only to perform, have fun, and see their fans, instead of expecting to take home any trophy. So when the presenters announced Super Junior as the winner, the members were all stunned for a few seconds, looking at each other confusingly, smiling, and standing up awkwardly. They were like, “What just happened? Did I just hear Super Junior?”

Super Junior’s cute reaction when MC cued to receive the award

The humorous reaction of the SM boy group amuses even non-fans. Fans teased that because these “uncles” were too old, their minds weren’t not as sharp as when they were young. On the other hand, they concluded that Super Junior was too “flop“, singing just because of passion, so they weren’t used to receiving awards. It is true no one can beat SM‘s artists in terms of hilariousness and the fan force always takes advantage of the opportunity to make fun of their idols!

Some comments from netizens:

– The signs of age don’t appear on their faces, but in their heads.

– They’re so familiar with “flop”, so they’re surprised at the award. These guys are really hilarious.

– They sing out of passion but suddenly get called out to receive the award, weird!

– 17 years of going to receive awards but they’re clueless every year. Do they forget they’re idols or something?

– Just a sign of old age!

-Looking at their faces, it’s like “It’s another group that won the award, not us”!

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