Lee Hi recently lost a lot of weight, but what happened to her teeth?

Lee Hi is the talk of the town for her unique selfies.

Lee Hi

On Mar 28th, singer Lee Hi uploaded a number of photos of her recent status along with the caption “Facial expression” on her Instagram.

In the released photo, Lee Hi was showing off her unique canine tooth. In particular, Lee Hi boasted an admirable visual that is hard to recognize after her diet.

Lee Hi

Meanwhile, Lee Hi recently released the ninth OST track “We Will Shine Brighter Than Any Other Star” from Disney+ romance music drama “Soundtrack #1.”

Lee Hi is a vocalist loved for her soulful voice and excellent rhythm. In addition to her music, she received great love for her OSTs for dramas such as “Moon Lovers,” “Record of Youth,” “Breaking Up Now,” and the movie “Golden Slumber.”

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