Super Junior Yesung’s younger brother Kim Jong-jin appeared, got all eyes on his idol visual 

Super Junior’s Yesung and younger brother Kim Jong-jin appeared.

SBS’ “Fantastic Family-DNA Singer,” which aired on Jun 9th, featured a DNA singer related to an idol.

When the DNA singer appeared, the panels mentioned actor Jang Geun-seok, rapper Giriboy, and singer Kang Kyun-sung, saying, “He looks like a celebrity himself. I think I’ve seen him in an idol group.” “My brother is a singer mentioned on the New York Times,” said the DNA Singer.

dna singer

“He has performed at Madison Square Garden,” DNA Singer said, hinting, “The content of that performance and my brother’s face have been printed in newspapers. He has also toured abroad more than 150 times and won 61 times on domestic music programs. He also won the grand prize four times at the nation’s top award ceremony,” he added.

dna singer

On this day, DNA singer said, “My brother sang this song a lot when he was a trainee. He said he was cheered up by listening to this song even though he was thinking about giving up on his singing career because our house’s situation was difficult,” and sang Lee Seung-chul’s “Don’t Say Goodbye.”

dna singer

Yena thought of Super Junior’s Yesung, saying, “He sang while getting into the emotion, but his voice was sad and raised the feeling of parting.” Lee Hyun also expected Yesung to be the star family of the DNA singer.

dna singer

His star family was indeed Super Junior Yesung. Yesung and his brother Kim Jong-jin then sang ‘It Gotta Be You’ together.

dna singer

Source: daum

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