Sunmi, “The kiss scene in my MV? It was actually a peck filmed in one cut”

Sunmi mentioned her kiss scene in “Heart Burn” music video.

Singer Sunmi, who has just made a comeback with the new digital single “Heart Burn”, appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope” on July 6th.

On the broadcast, Sunmi talked about her acting in the music video for “Heart Burn”. Sunmi confessed, “I always act in my music video. I don’t prepare for the scenes separately. The directors keep making me act.”

She proudly said, “I’ve never learned acting and I’m also not good at it but my facial expressions and things like that are… For example, I can act pretty and do what I can while making facial contortions. In that respect, that’s Sunmi’s unique point. They made me do a lot of ad-libs.”

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Kim Shin-young said, “I think that’s the signature of Sunmi’s music video”.

The kiss scene in the music video was also mentioned. When Kim Shin-young said, “You’re in your 30s so the director might think it would be okay to film it”, Sunmi replied, “I got an OK in one cut. I didn’t need to film more scenes”, adding, “It was actually not a kiss scene. It was just a slight peck”.

Meanwhile, as a radio listener commented, “Even if it’s a slight peck, don’t do it”, everyone burst into laughter. 

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