Sung Yu Ri’s cosmetic company gave an explanation on the suspicions of receiving a 3 billion won investment from Bithumb

Sung Yu Ri’s cosmetic company explained the suspicions of them getting a large investment from Kang, who is suspected of being Bithumb’s real owner.

URIID, the cosmetic company represented by actress Sung Yu Ri, said in a telephone interview with OSEN on November 15th, “It’s true that we received investment from a source called ‘Bucket’. However, after a recent issue, the money invested by ‘Bucket’ has been returned.”

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According to URIID, Sung Yu Ri’s name is listed as CEO, but she is only working as a partner. In addition, Sung Yu Ri is not participating in the company management. Sung Yu Ri is in charge of designing and marketing at URIID. Regarding the suspicions of the company having a relationship with Bithumb, URIID drew a line and cautiously expressed its position, saying “We were taken aback by such rumors”.

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According to a media outlet earlier, URIID received 3 billion won from Kang, who is suspected of being the real owner of the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. While an executive at Bithumb’s Bucket Studio was arrested on charges of destroying embezzlement evidence, suspicions arose as Bucket Studio, which is managed by Kang’s sibling, was reported to have invested 3 billion won in Sung Yu Ri’s cosmetic company. 

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In particular, people suspected that the 300 million won Mercedes-Benz car that Kang drove was owned by Sung Yu Ri’s husband Ahn Sung Hyun. As a result, Sung Yu Ri was called out in various controversies. In response, the actress said, “I didn’t know that Kang rented my husband’s car”, adding “I don’t know anything about the relationship between the two”.

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Meanwhile, Sung Yu Ri married Ahn Sung Hyun, a golfer-turned-businessman, in May 2017. She gave birth to twin daughters in January. 

Source: Daum

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