Students with perfect CSAT scores reveal their favorite idols on “You Quiz on the Block”

The favorite idols of students with perfect scores on the Korean entrance exam CSAT were revealed, drawing attention. 

On the December 21st episode of tvN entertainment show “You Quiz on the Block”, Kwon Hae Eun and Choi Soo Huyk, who got perfect scores in the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), appeared and recalled their life stories.

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On this day, Kwon Ha Eun said, “I can’t believe it, I still can’t believe I achieved such a score.” Meanwhile, Choi Soo Hyuk confessed that he felt fortunate. Then, the two honestly answered questions about the lunch they ate on the day of the CSAT and their usual sleeping hours. 

When asked how she used her break time, Kwon Ha Eun replied, “I was in a singing club. It wasn’t a band, I just played the accompaniment and sang.”

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Afterwards, the two students revealed their favorite idols. Kwon Ha Eun mentioned Hwang Min Hyun, a former member of boy groups WANNA ONE and NU’EST, who’s appearing in season 2 of the K-drama “Alchemy of Souls”. She also described the idol-actor as “the most handsome person on the planet”. 

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Kwon Ha Eun also expressed excitement over the fact that Hwang Min Hyun mentioned her name in a recent SNS live broadcast. “It felt so good I thought my heart was failing. It’s an honor to have him mention my name. I will definitely go to a fansign event.”

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On the other hand, Choi Soo Hyuk selected aespa Winter as his favorite singer. He also expressed his fan spirit by saying, “I’m a big fan. Thank you for singing really pretty and providing me with good songs.”

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aespa winter

On the other hand, there are a total of 3 students who got perfect scores in the 2023 CSAT, including Choi Soo Hyuk, Kwon Ha Eun, and a repeat student. All three of them are natural science students, and it is known that they got into the medical school of Seoul National University.

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