Street Woman Fighter: WANT was eliminated, other crews proceeded to the semi-final round

“Street Woman Fighter” raised the nervousness of the viewers because of its cold-hearted crew elimination ahead of the semifinal.

The latest episode of Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Woman Fighter” aired on the evening of October 5th showed the match between the crews.

Following PROWDMON’s score at No.1 released in the Mega Crew Mission last week, the scores of the other teams were announced sequentially.

First of all, YGX’s performance seemed to get a lower score than expected. Meanwhile, WANT Choi Hyo Jin expressed her feelings, “I tried my best to prepare the performance without thinking about the first and last place. The score doesn’t matter to me.

Other crew, including HOLYBANG, said, “I heard she lost 5kg” and admitted that Choi Hyo Jin had worked really hard. Choi Hyo Jin made a strong move and invited celebrities, such as Lee Young Ji and Weki Meki Yoo Jung. But in the end, other crews considered WANT to be the eliminated team.

The performance of WANT did have creative dances, but the details were slightly lacking. Therefore, they received the lowest score of 265 points among seven teams.

The final ranking of the Mega Crew mission was decided by adding the number of video views. The final rankings showed YGX at 4th place, PROWDMON at 3rd place, and 2nd place went to HOOK. HOLYBANG became the No.1 crew in this mission. As a result, these 4 teams will advance to the semifinal.

The lowest ranks belonged to CocaNButter, LACHICA, and WANT. LACHICA was in the last place, so they were naturally eliminated. Then, among the other 2 teams, the No.1 crew HOLYBANG chose WANT to compete with LACHICA in the elimination battle.

After 7 rounds of the elimination battle, WANT was decided as the eliminated crew.

Sources: daum

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