“Street Man Fighter” Vata, “New thing” choreography plagiarism controversy… ATEEZ’s choreographer also mentioned suspicions

\Vata, who recently appeared in the Mnet dancing survival show SMF recently got involved in a choreography plagiarism controversy

Vata, who is a member of dance crew WE DEMZ BOYZ (WDBZ) is currently appearing in “Street Man Fighter”, which airs every Tuesday.

In a recent episode, Vata made a choreography for Zico’s song “New Thing” as a mission, and was eventually selected as the winner.

We Dam Boys Vata

However, Vata’s dance gained attention for its uncanny similarity to a choreography in ATEEZ’s 2019 song “Say My Name”, leading to speculations that Vata has plagiarized the dance move of ATEEZ without receiving consent, especially as the move is not at all common.

We Dam Boys Vata Ateez

It turns out that Anze Skrube, the choreographer for ATEEZ’s “Say My Name”, is also aware of this, and has reposted videos related to the plagiarism controversy on his official SNS, at the same time demanding for an official apology

Anze Skrube ateez we dam boys vata 101020222
Anze Skrube ateez we dam boys vata 101020221
Anze Skrube ateez we dam boys vata 10102022
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