Stray Kids’ Hyunjin selected as the best male idol dancer by Studio Choom’s PD 

This is not the first time Hyunjin gets recognized as an outstanding dancer among K-pop male idols. 

Recently on the show “Kkakkajam“, when asked to choose the best idol dancer, PD Lee Chu Ri of Studio Choom answered Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. She explained:

“I thought about this a lot, but for male idols, I’ll go for Stray Kids’ Hyunjin. Stray Kids has the highest number of views for our content. Hyunjin is very powerful. He’s especially great at control and the ability to express himself.”  

Kkakkajam-Artist of the month-Lee Chu Ri-Hyunjin Stray Kids
Hyunjin is the best male idol dancer according to Studio Choom’s PD 

Many netizens, including Stray Kids’ fans, agree with PD Lee Chu Ri‘s pick. From a member who did not have outstanding dancing skills when he first started out as an idol, Hyunjin has become one of the best dancers not only in his group but also in K-pop 4th generation. 

Every performance by Hyunjin is expressive 

Earlier this year, Hyunjin became the first member of Stray Kids to be featured on Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month series. His video also set the record for the fastest Artist of the Month performance to hit 20 million views.

Netizen’s comments:

  • Hyunjin not only has excellent technique, but he also understands how to show his own charm and dancing style in every performance. I can recognize him even when he dances in a crowd with his face hidden because his dance style is so distinct and expressive.
  • Hyunjin’s dance style is more performance-oriented, as opposed to Lee Know’s street dance style, so viewers can easily notice how effortlessly and elegantly he dances.
  • Hyunjin is not the best dancer in terms of skill, but he has his own style and knows how to add highlights and charm to his performance.
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