Still in his 20s but already owns a Mercedes Benz G-class, the “Young and Rich” Song Kang

Actor Song Kang turned out to be driving a supercar worth 200 million won.

Song Kang

Recently, Song Kang (29) got the chance to hold a Netflix online global fan meeting.

Finally receiving the chance to have his first solo fan meeting since debut, Song Kang made special memories with fans by filling up about an hour and 40 minutes with different corners.

Song Kang‘s Vlog video was also released that day.

Song Kang

Here, we could see Song Kang moving to eat after practicing the piano.

Song Kang can be seen driving the Mercedes-Benz G-class, which boasts a price of 200 million won.

Meanwhile, in the vlog, the navigation could be heard saying, “Safe driving about 500 meters ahead.”

Song Kang

Song Kang said, “Yes, thank you,” adding, “There is always someone next to me who helps me drive, so I can drive safely.”

This could be interpreted as the vehicle was Song Kang’s.

Fans responded enthusiastically, such as “If it appeared in his Vlog, then it’s his car,” “Song Kang, owner of a G-class,” and “It suits him well.”

Meanwhile, Song Kang is playing the role of Lee Si-woo who is honest in expressing his feelings, in JTBC’s “Forecasting Love and Weather”.


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