Starship announced the suspension of a WJSN member because of this reason 

A member of the group WJSN suddenly announced the suspension of her activities, drawing attention.

WJSN Dawon's Instagram
WJSN Dawon’s Instagram

WJSN‘s agency Starship Entertainment posted an article titled “WJSN Dawon’s Health Status Announcement” on its official fan cafe on February 22nd.

In this announcement, the agency said, “Dawon is currently diagnosed with anxiety disorder and is receiving treatment.”

WJSN Dawon's Instagram

The company continued,

“We have been consulting with Dawon and taking measures for her to recover while carrying out the schedule, but we decided that it is necessary for her to concentrate on treatment through sufficient rest and stability.

Based on the opinions of a professional medical institution, we decided to suspend her activities for her to recover her health after consulting with Dawon. Dawon plans to focus on recovering her health by taking a rest without participating in planned activities in the future.”

WJSN Dawon's Instagram


” We apologize for causing concern to fans with the sudden news, and we will continue to do our best to help Dawon focus on treatment and rest. Thank you.”

Earlier in 2019, Dawon was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and had taken a break, which further evokes fans’ pity to hear the sudden news.

Online community theqoo comment section

When the news came, netizens said on the online community theqoo, “Oh, was she a member who went on a hiatus the last time?” and “Oh, my. What should we do?” “I hope she get good treatment and rest soon,” “Oh, it’s too bad,” and “I hope you get healthy soon.”

WJSN / News 1
WJSN / News 1

Dawon debuted as a member of girl group WJSN in 2016. She became the main vocalist of WJSN with her explosive singing skills.

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