BLACKPINK’s Rosé hit 22 million followers on TikTok and became the 3rd account of a Kpop artist to achieve this! 

Rosé is currently the most followed Kpop solo act on TikTok, and the 3rd most followed among all Kpop artists. 

Rosé‘s TikTok account @roses_are_rosie was launched on March 16 and quickly gained 1 million followers even when there was no video. 

The female idol hit 10 million followers on April 4, only about 20 days after she started using TikTok. To celebrate this special milestone, Rosé posted a video of her dancing to WAP. Although the video is only 7 seconds long, Rosé went viral for doing the signature sexy floor dance in WAP in a cute way.


Recently, Rosé‘s TikTok account has officially surpassed 22 million followers with more than 236 million likes. Her videos have earned tens to hundreds of millions of views.


Notably, Rosé‘s TikTok account is currently the most followed personal account among Kpop artists, only second to 2 group accounts, BTS with 46.6 followers and BLACKPINK with 28.4 followers.

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