Star couples who broke up after publicizing their relationships, the rate of them dating again is low

The biggest reason why celebrities are reluctant to publicize their romantic relationships is the fear of breaking up. 

In the case of celebrities, after a breakup, or even after one of the two has a family, their ex-lover’s name follows them like a “trace”. As public interest continues, rumors of star couples’ reunions have arisen many times. However, the actual number of pairs that could return to have an open romance seems to be low.  

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Hyuna and Dawn started dating in 2016 and had been a representative couple in the music industry since they revealed their relationship in 2018. After leaving CUBE Entertainment together, the two signed with P Nation and even carried out duo activities. The two even posted a proposal video last year, raising fans’ expectations for a happy marriage. 

However, on November 30th, 2022, Hyuna announced the news of their breakup through SNS, saying “We decided to be good friends and colleagues in the future”. Dawn also confirmed this by pressing ‘like’ on the post.

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Many fans who cheered for Hyuna and Dawn’s love continued to raise hope for the two’s reunion even after their breakup. However, the answer is “No”. Both Hyuna and Dawn’s sides denied reunion rumors through the media on January 10th, saying “The two are still spending time together as friends, not lovers”.

Last month, rumors of a reunion between rapper Swings and his actress ex-girlfriend Im Bo Ra. Netizens spotted Swings and Im Bo Ra attending the birthday party of a mutual friend and raised speculation of the two wearing couple hat. However, Im Bo Ra’s agency immediately refuted the rumors. Swings and Im Bo Ra publicly dated for about three years from 2017 and 2020. In 2019, the two were even rumored to get married after opening a cafe together.

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In addition, other celebrity couples, such as Lee Min HoSuzy, Hyun BinSong Hye Kyo, etc., were also embroiled in ‘reunion’ rumors after their breakups. All the rumors remained as speculations and theories created by fans. 

Of course, there were a few couples that actually got back together. Singer Ivy and musical actor Go Eun Sung made headlines with their reunion news. However, about 1.5 years later, the two parted ways due to differences in personalities. 

In this regard, an entertainment official said, “Although open relationships have become more common these days, generally, celebrities are still uncomfortable with opening up about their romance. It is due to the burden of the public’s attention and the fear of breaking up. It’s not easy to maintain a good relationship with each other after breaking up and they have to be cautious with their mutual connections while carrying out activities in the industry”

Source: Daum

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