Staff At Jennie’s Indoor Vaping Scene Spoke Up, “Not A Non-Smoking Area, She Kept Apologizing”

Amid criticism over BLACKPINK Jennie’s indoor smoking, the staff presented on the scene released a position

A, who introduced themselves as a staff member on the scene of Jennie’s indoor smoking incident, shared, “The place in the video was the waiting room of the Jacquemus fashion show, and it was not a non-smoking area. She asked if it was okay for her to smoke, and smoked with the window right next to her open”.

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A continued, “While the staff was looking for a lip product, Jennie smoked a bubble stick sold at convenience stores. It was just the right timing to blow out the smoke. Even after the fashion show ended, she kept apologizing and the staff, who is also a smoker, told her that it was fine”, adding “It is a problem that the smoke passed over the staff’s head, but I don’t think her personality should be questioned only based on past behavior. As a friend of Jennie, I’m very upset that she was misunderstood. That’s why I’m leaving this comment.”

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In fact, netizens found an error in A’s statement. In the past, e-cigarettes were not considered cigarettes, but they were included after the Tobacco Business Act was revised in January 2014. Italy has also banned indoor smoking in all public places since 2005. In particular, Italy’s Health Minister is actively regulating tobacco by proposing a bill to expand non-smoking areas from indoor spaces to include outdoor spaces such as open pubs, bus stops, parks, and other areas. As a result, some raised suspicions of whether A’s post was fabricated, and A has not yet explained this.

Meanwhile, Jennie’s indoor smoking controversy arose after the female singer was caught blowing e-cigarette smoke in the face of her staff while getting her makeup done in a Vlog video uploaded on her official YouTube channel on July 2nd. Later on the 9th, Jennie’s agency OD issued an official apology.

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