Rare Information About Song Hye Kyo’s Parents: Married at 18, Quickly Divorced, Grandfather Took on an Unexpected Role

Song Hye Kyo's Family Past Suddenly Becomes a Hot Topic on Social Media

Recently, netizens were surprised when an old story about Song Hye Kyo’s family background resurfaced. It was known that eight years ago, TV Chosun’s Star Talk Show, which aired on July 14, became a hot topic on social media when it mentioned Song Hye Kyo’s family. Now, the content from that show has been dug up again and immediately attracted a lot of attention from the online community.

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In the broadcast that day, Baek Eun Young, an entertainment reporter, said: “Song Hye Kyo has a sad past. Her parents are the same age, both born in 1964, and got married when they were quite young, at 18 years old. One year after the wedding, Song Hye Kyo was born. They divorced after nine years of living together.” It is said that financial reasons, personality differences, and life problems led to the divorce.

While Song Hye Kyo’s parents have never been revealed, the media was lucky to meet Song In Wan, the actress’s paternal grandfather. At the time of the interview, Song Hye Kyo was about 24 years old and a big star in the Korean entertainment industry. According to Song In Wan, Song Hye Kyo’s father is named Song Dae Seop and is the eldest son in the family.

The story revealed by Song Hye Kyo’s grandfather was that his eldest son, Song Dae Seop, moved from Seoul to Daegu to attend high school. There, Song Dae Seop met Kim and they soon fell in love. After graduating from high school, Song Dae Seop and Kim decided to get married. Of course, this decision faced strong opposition from both families because they were too young.

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However, despite this, they still decided to get married and a year later Song Hye Kyo was born.

Since they were both still young, I prepared all the procedures for their marriage and organized the wedding. After getting married, they lived with us for about six months before deciding to move to Daegu to live on their own,” Song Hye Kyo’s grandfather shared.

According to Song Hye Kyo’s grandfather, for a long time he thought his children were living well because every summer, his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter would come to Seoul to visit everyone. However, in 1989, Mrs. Kim, Song Hye Kyo’s mother, unexpectedly brought her daughter to Seoul. At that time, Song Hye Kyo had just turned 9 years old and was in third grade.

“At first, we thought they were going to live separately for a while. However, it turned out they had divorced. My son stayed in Daegu, while my daughter-in-law and granddaughter stayed in Seoul. I was the only one they could rely on for help in Seoul, so I tried my best to support them,” Song Hye Kyo’s grandfather shared.

However, in reality, Mrs. Kim and her father-in-law were not very close. Although not close to her husband’s family, Mrs. Kim did not prevent them from meeting and visiting her daughter. The grandfather couldn’t do much for Song Hye Kyo besides attending her middle school and high school graduations on behalf of her father. He revealed that his son didn’t watch many of Song Hye Kyo’s movies, especially avoiding scenes where the actress cried because he always felt guilty towards his daughter.

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Song Hye Kyo’s mother, despite being a single woman, raised her child very well. Although she loved her daughter very much, she did not spoil her while raising her. This is why Song Hye Kyo became independent from a young age.

Choi Young Il, a cultural critic, said: “Song Hye Kyo probably had a lonely childhood, but she received a lot of love from her mother. Her mother took many photos of her daughter, from pouting to running, jumping, or sleeping… She accumulated a lot of images of her daughter. She was a very loving mother.”

Professor Lee Ho Seon, a family psychology advisor, said: “Song Hye Kyo’s mother loved her but did not spoil her.” He also speculated: “It seems that Song Hye Kyo’s mother raised her daughter to be really strong.” According to Professor Lee, Song Hye Kyo’s mother taught her: “Even if one day I disappear, you must live well.”

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And Song Hye Kyo became very independent thanks to her mother’s upbringing. Song Hye Kyo once said about her mother: “Sometimes she is like a sister, sometimes like a friend. She is my best mother.” It is said that whenever something good happens, Song Hye Kyo immediately goes to see her mother. It was her mother who took Song Hye Kyo to buy her first car. The first gift Song Hye Kyo gave her mother after becoming a famous star was a 6 billion won villa.

However, when Song Hye Kyo is sad, she does not want to confide in her mother because she does not want her mother to be distressed because of her. “Because my mother cannot see me sad,” Song Hye Kyo shared.

Source: K14

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