“Squid Game” star Heo Sung Tae gave a warning to an imposter account, “Do you wanna die?” 

Heo Sung Tae was angered by a fake account pretending to be him. 

On August 15, actor Heo Sung Tae took a screenshot of an imposter account and posted it on his Instagram. He expressed his anger in the caption and confirmed the account is fake. He wrote, “@_heosungtae.__ Do you wanna die? Not me”.

heo sung tae

Heo Sung Tae’s official Instagram username is “@heosungtae”. In particular, Heo Sung Tae gave a strong warning to the person who impersonated him with the question “Do you wanna die?”. Perhaps the imposter already saw Heo Sung Tae’s warning, because the fake account was deleted not long after that.

Meanwhile, Heo Sung Tae recently took on the role of Jang Cheol Sung in the recently released movie “Hunt”, which is directed and led by his “Squid Game” co-star Lee Jung Jae. 

Source: nate

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