This male Kpop idol is going viral for resembling BTS V

Many fans believe that BAE173 member J-Min bears a lot of similarities to BTS V

Recently, Kpop boy group BAE173 announced their 4th mini album “ODYSSEY: DaSH”, which contains the stories of 9 members, who try to become Kpop’s “Odyssey”.

Ahead of the comeback, individual concept photos of each member were released, where they showed overwhelming gaze with a chic, almost indifferent expression. 

It was due to a photo from this that one of the members, J-Min, drew attention.

In particular, there were opinions that the sculptural face shape, strangely mysterious atmosphere, and eye-liner of J-Min bears a strong resemblance to BTS V.

Some netizens have agreed with such remarks, leaving comments such as “If you look at each face one by one, they really look alike”, and “There are too many similar photos.” Others also pointed out the similarities between J-Min and V’s sculptural features, as well as their eyes which can be both sexy and pure-looking. 

Still, there have also been contrasting reactions, with several saying “They look similar on photos, but not to a huge extent if you watch videos”, and “Each of them has their own charm”. 

J-Min, along with his group BAE173, is about to release their new album “ODYSSEY: DaSH” on August 17th. The title song “DaSH” is expected to impress with an addictive synth rhythm and strong bass.

bae173 j-min

Meanwhile, BTS V recently delivered a calm and healing atmosphere with his appearance in “In the Soop: Friendcation”, where he went on a trip with his close friend group “Wooga Squad” (Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Shik, Peakboy, and V). 

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