Song Yoo Jung, a flower that stopped blooming at the age of 26… Today is the second anniversary of her death

It’s been two years since the late actress Song Yoo Jung left the world.

Song Yoo Jung passed away on January 23rd, 2021 at the age of 26.

This sad news was reported two days after her death. A close acquaintance of Song Yoo Jung said, “I heard she made an extreme choice. That’s so sad”.

Song Yoo Jung

In particular, the acquaintance explained, “It’s impossible to know exactly what concerns the deceased had. She had debuted in the entertainment industry for several years but didn’t have a chance to shine. That’s why she was very worried. She also confessed to me about her difficulties in life.”

Born in 1994, Song Yoo Jung made her debut after being selected as a cosmetics brand’s model. Song Yoo Jung began acting in MBC’s 2013 drama “Golden Rainbow” then appeared in “Make Your Wish”, “School 2017”, and “Dear My Name”.

Song Yoo Jung signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency in 2019 to expand her activity scope in earnest but drew deep regret with her sudden sad news.

Meanwhile, after Song Yoo Jung passed away, a Youtuber visited the funeral hall of the deceased to film a video and released it to raise suspicions about the death of the late actress. In response, Song Yoo Jung’s agency said, “We have sued the Youtuber for defaming the company and our actress”.

Source: Daum

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