“Is this right?” What is Song Joong–ki’s thought after watching “Decision to Leave”?

Professionals from the movie industry released handwritten recommendations reviews after watching “Decision to Leave”.

The movie “Decision to Leave” (Director Park Chan-wook), which was released on June 29, is a story about detective Hae Joon who was investigating a case in the mountains and meeting the deceased’s wife, Seo Rae (Tang Wei) who made him feel both suspicious and interested.


Actor Song Joong-ki wrote, “I wonder if this is right. I want to see Hae Joon and Seo Rae again. And I want to hear the sound of the waves in the movie again. So, I want to go to the theater and watch it again ^^,” while Cha Seung-won announced that he will go to the cinema to watch the movie again while delivering a deep appreciation to the movie, saying, “The pleasure of seeing the precariousness of an upright man is exquisite and pitiful.”

decision to leave

Choi Dong-hoon, director of “The Thieves” and “Assassination,” said, “I was completely fascinated by ‘Decision to Leave’. Even after some time, I can’t forget the faces of Park Hae-il and Tang Wei.” Director Ryu Seung-wan of “Veteran” and “Mogadishu” said, “My hands and feet were numb after watching the movie. It’s been a few days, but I can’t get over it. Finally, Korean movies have been brought to the realm of culture! I’m happy to see such a masterpiece,” he said, raising expectations further by leaving positive reviews.

decision to leave

Director Kim Ji-woon of “Sweet Life” and “The Secret Service” said, “The irresistible fascination, the sad beauty, the time that magically flows, and in a word, a film that is like a wicked human. It’s the view that director Park Chan-wook, who is already far ahead by himself, can see,” while director Lee Hae-young of “Believer” praised the movie as “the deepest and highest level that a movie can reach.”

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