Song Joong Ki not nominated for 2023 Baeksang despite the success of “Reborn Rich”

The nominations for the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies in Korea, has been revealed.

On April 7th, nominations for both the TV and film sector of the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards were revealed on Baeksang’s official website and SNS. However, the list of nominees have so far drawn mixed reactions. 


In particular, in the Best Actor Award (TV), nominees include Son Seok Gu for “My Liberation Notes”, Lee Byung Hun from “Our Blues”, Lee Sung Min from “Reborn Rich”, Jung Kyung Ho for “Crash Course in Romance”, and Choi Min Sik from “Big Bet”. 

This means that despite the overwhelming success of “Reborn Rich”, which records viewership ratings as high as 26.9%, its leading actor, Song Joong Ki, goes empty-handed. 

song joong ki reborn rich

Regarding this, many fans express their surprise, claiming that it is disappointing to see Song Joong Ki’s efforts went unrecognized. However, many netizens argue that “Reborn Rich” has two main characters, and Lee Sung Min, who is the other leading actor, did a better job, so the nominations are understandable. 

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • No Song Joong Ki or Lee Je Hoon? Baeksang’s nominations really confuse me
  • “Reborn Rich” was really popular, so it’s shocking to not see Song Joong Ki
  • Objectively, Lee Sung Min’s role in “Reborn Rich” was more complicated than Song Joong Ki’s, so I think the nominations are understandable
  • Song Joong Ki’s role in “Reborn Rich” was good, but not Baeksang-level.
  • To be honest, that really impressed me in “Reborn Rich” is Lee Sung Min’s acting

On the other hand, the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards will be broadcast on April 28th. 

Source: VKR, Baeksang

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