Song Joong Ki, first public appearance after admitting his romantic relationship…Going to Thailand alone without his girlfriend

Actor Song Joong Ki revealed his current status for the first time since he admitted to dating his foreign girlfriend.

Song Joong Ki appeared at Incheon International Airport on the morning of Jan 5th to attend the 37th Golden Disc Awards.

Song Joong Ki departed for Bangkok, Thailand via Incheon International Airport. During this process, he was captured by many reporters’ cameras. Song Joong Ki, who covered his face with a mask and a hat, entered the airport in comfortable clothes, including a padded vest and a blue sweatsuit. After discovering numerous cameras, he showed light hand greetings and welcome smiling eyes.

Song Joong-ki airport

In particular, Song Joong Ki recently drew attention by acknowledging the romantic relationship with his foreign girlfriend. He made his first public appearance after admitting to dating, which attracted more attention.

Song Joong-ki airport

Song Joong Ki was accompanied by his girlfriend when he arrived at Incheon International Airport after finishing the media conference schedule for JTBC’s “Reborn Rich” held in Singapore in December last year. However, this time, he was only accompanied by his bodyguards and manager as if he was conscious of people around him.

At that time, Song Joong Ki’s agency HighZium Studio said, “Song Joong Ki is dating a woman with good feelings. We hope you give the two’s romantic relationship a warm gaze. Please understand that we cannot confirm any information other than the dating fact. Please refrain from unconfirmed speculative reports.”

Song Joong-ki airport

Earlier, Song Joong Ki thanked his family after winning the grand prize at the “2022 APAN Star Awards” on Sep 29th. He also mentioned, “My beloved Katy, Nalla, Maya and Antes.”

Katy is known as his girlfriend’s name, while Maya and Antes are known as his girlfriend’s dogs. Katy Louise Saunders, whom Korean netizens speculate as Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend, was born in 1984 and is one year older than Song Joong Ki. Born to a British father and a Colombian mother, she was born in England and graduated from the prestigious Bocconi University. She spent her childhood traveling between London and Italy, and later lived in Milan.

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In the past, she worked as an actress and is known for her appearances in films such as “Los Borgia” (2006), “Third Person” (2013) and “Lizzie McGuire Movie” (2003). However, she is reportedly retired from acting with no new activities in a long while.

Various speculations and rumors spread, such as pregnancy rumors, marriage rumors and childbirth rumors, but Song Joong Ki’s agency maintained their position that “it is impossible to confirm any information other than the dating fact”.

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