Song Joong Ki and Lee Kwang Soo both “betrayed” Dispatch ahead of January 1st

Netizens are having fun comparing Song Joong Ki’s recent relationship reveal to Lee Kwang Soo’s “betrayal” in the past. 

January 1st every year is considered a special day in Korean showbiz, where Dispatch will reveal a celebrity couple who are secretly dating. However, Song Joong Ki already announced his relationship with a British woman on December 26th, who may or may not be a former actress. There are even rumors of pregnancy, but Song Joong Ki’s side refuses to comment, stating that this is a “personal matter”. 

song joong ki girlfriend
Song Joong Ki recently announced he has a British girlfriend 

As the announcement of Song Joong Ki came before January 1st, many netizens are joking that the actor has completely played Dispatch. In addition, fans also compared this move to Song Joong Ki’s best friend Lee Kwang Soo, who also revealed his relationship ahead of the new year. 

In particular, Lee Kwang Soo admitted to dating actress Lee Sun Bin on December 31st of 2018. The couple met for the first time in September 2016 while filming “Running Man”, where Lee Kwang Soo is infamous for his “traitorous” persona. Therefore, fans at the time rejoiced that Lee Kwang Soo had “betrayed” Dispatch, and announced his relationship just 1 day prior to January 1st.. 

Lee Kwang Soo-Lee Sun Bin
Lee Kwang Soo revealed his relationship with actress Lee Sun Bin on December 31st, 2018.
Lee Kwang Soo-Lee Sun Bin
Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin are happily dating even now
lee kwang soo lee sun bin thumbnail
4 years into their relationship, the couple were spotted celebrating Christmas in Hawaii

On the other hand, Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are same-aged friends who debuted in 2008. They started to grow close and gain attention after appearing in the variety show “Running Man”, and have since established stable careers in the industry. 

song joong ki lee kwang soo
Lee Kwang Soo cried when Song Joong Ki left “Running Man”

Despite Song Joong Ki leaving “Running Man” in 2011, he and Lee Kwang Soo maintain an extremely tight friendship and always show support to each other. 

song joong ki lee kwang soo
Lee Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are extremely close friends

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