Official couple in the entertainment industry released “sweet skinship photo + video”

An official couple in the entertainment industry showed off their affection.

They are singer Jamie (Park Ji Min, 26) and Goo Min Chul (25).


Jamie debuted as a member of the vocal duo 15& in 2012. Goo Min Chul is a former member of the Republic of Korea Navy Special Warfare Flotilla (UDT) and is currently a college student. Goo Min Chul appeared on Channel A’s military entertainment show “Steel Troops 2”.

Goo Min-chul

Last month, the two admitted their romantic relationship by posting kiss photos on SNS.

The couple are still continuing their beautiful relationship.

Jamie uploaded a short video with Goo Min Chul through her Instagram on Dec 26th.

Goo Min-chul Jamie

In the video, Jamie and Goo Min Chul made various poses and created an affectionate atmosphere.

Jamie kissed Goo Min Chul on the cheek and Goo Min Chul hugged Jamie around the waist.

Source: Wikitree

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