“Running Man” Song Ji Hyo challenged the mirrorball fashion after changing her stylist

Actress Song Ji Hyo is reborn as a “cool sister” who is up-to-trend in everything, from fashion to working out, on “Running Man”.

Song Ji Hyo recently appeared in an all-black outfit and was selected as the best dresser at the “2022 SBS Entertainment Awards” held on Dec 17th. Through that day, she has established herself as a “fashion icon of the MZ generation.” In the latest episode of “Running Man,” which airs on Dec 25th, she also attracted attention by appearing in a “mirrorball” outfit.

Running man

In this episode, Song Ji Hyo, who dressed up as much as she could, shouted in disappointment as soon as she saw the treadmill. After a while, she began to run splendidly and turned the scene upside down with the harmony of her extravagant outfit and the treadmill.

In addition, Song Ji Hyo impressed viewers with her stamina. Among the members who were exhausted, Ji Hyo played an essential role with her unexpected running skills.

Running man

Song Ji Hyo’s surprising appearance, from her colorful outfit to her unexpected athletic abilities, can be seen on “Running Man,” which airs at 5 p.m. on Dec 25th (KST).

Source: OSEN

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