Song Hye-kyo’s drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” gets criticized for the female lead having a one-night stand with her ex-lover’s brother

After 2 episodes, “Now, We Are Breaking Up” starring Song Hye-kyo is receiving negative reactions for one detail.

In the very first 2 episodes, “Now, We Are Breaking” already revealed the complicated relationship between Young Eun (Song Hye-kyo) and Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong). Not only did they have a one-night stand just to satisfy each other’s desire, but Young Eun turned out to be the ex-lover of Jae Guk’s older brother. After the death of Jae Guk’s brother, Young Eun continued to experience more one-night stands but still couldn’t forget her ex-lover. She even admitted that she is only “trying to break up with him” in front of Jae Guk. When the two begins to have feelings for each other, the truth about their relationships has caused lots of problems

now we are breaking up
No matter many one-night stands she did, Young Eun still has her ex in her heart
now we are breaking up
The person Young Eun considered a one-night stand that she would never see again was now in front of her and is the younger brother of the person she loved deeply.

Currently, it is not clear how Young Eun’s relationship with her ex was in the past and why they broke up, but the fact that she and her ex-boyfriend’s brother had a one night stand is being strongly opposed by the Asian audience.  Many viewers think that the scriptwriter does not need to build such a complicated dramatic relationship and even include some sexy scenes at the beginning of the drama. Based on the trailer, the audience thought that Young Eun and Jae Guk were a couple who fell passionately in love and broke up and met again. No one expected their relationship to be so much more complicated. So now that the person Young Eun loves is still Jae Guk’s brother, in what direction will their relationship progress?

song hye kyo
jang ki yong

Some comments from the audience:

  • When I saw the trailers, I thought the main couple used to date when they were young but they split. It is a surprise that they have a one-night stand in the first episode. But turns out she was almost his sister-in-law? 
  • The fact that she sleeps with both him and his brother feels a bit wrong  
  • The writer should have made Jae Guk and Young Eun’s ex close friends or something, instead of biological brothers. Isn’t it awkward if she falls in love with Jae Guk now? 
  • What’s with the unnecessary drama? So the title “Now We Are Breaking Up” is actually about Young Eun and her ex, not Young Eun and Jae Guk??? Ugh


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