Song Hye Kyo said “Autumn in My Heart” was her Turning Point, the Drama that Made Her Recognized as a Traditional Actor

Among the 50 individuals who shone in KBS, there were stars who set new records. From the first-ever KBS Grand Prize winner, actress Ko Doo Shim, to the nation’s singer Cho Yong Pil, who won five Grand Prizes in the 1980s, and actress Na Moon Hee, who was the first supporting actress to win an acting award.

song hye kyo

Girls’ Generation proudly made their mark in this list. Girls’ Generation, who first won 1st place on Music Bank with “Kissing You,” also was No. 1 on Music Bank for nine consecutive weeks with “Gee” in 2009. If you add up the first half of the year, they had a total of 11 wins. In addition, they set a record for the most wins by a girl group, with a total of 42 wins with songs like “Genie,” “Oh!,” and “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).”

song hye kyo

As for the actress with the highest viewership rating, it was Song Hye Kyo. In 2016, she proved her power by recording the highest viewership rating every episode with “Descendants of the Sun”. The first drama that turned her into a viewer rating guarantee was “Autumn in My Heart.”

Song Hye Kyo considered “Autumn in My Heart” as her turning point. She said, “I was at a crossroads where I wondered if I could become a traditional actor. Through ‘Autumn in My Heart,’ I was recognized as an actor who can also do traditional dramas.”

With “Autumn in My Heart,” which recorded a 42.3% viewership rating, Song Hye Kyo rose to the ranks of a top star. She also achieved a viewership rating of 40.2% with “Full House.”

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