Song Hye Kyo bought a building in The Netherlands to use as a memorial hall for martyr Lee Jun 

Song Hye Kyo reportedly donated money to repurpose a building into a memorial site for martyr Lee Jun overseas. 

On April 27th, an article titled “The Dutch building that Song Hye Kyo bought with money” was posted on numerous online communities. 


The article included a photo of the martyr Lee Jun Memorial Hall in The Hague, the Netherlands, and a comment written by a netizen in 2019. The comment read, “I went (to the memorial hall) two years ago, but there was no first floor at that time. Song Hye Kyo gave a lot of donations and took over the first floor. I remember the director smiling and taking me to the first floor to introduce me to the extension.”

The author of the post wrote, “It was acquired by a Korean couple and operated as a memorial hall, but I couldn’t take over the first floor due to lack of money. Song Hye Kyo supported the donation, so the entire building is now a memorial site.”


In fact, Song Hye Kyo, along with Seo Kyung Deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, has donated Korean guides, Korean signboards, and relief works to 33 sites overseas for the past 12 years.

Korean signs were reportedly donated to the Memorial Hall of martyr Lee Jun in March 2019. At the time, Professor Seo Kyung Deok praised, “Song Hye Kyo is setting a really good precedent of how she can contribute to the country as a Hallyu star.”

Martyr Lee Jun is an anti-Japanese patriot who participated in the establishment of associations and parties that work for the independence of Korea. 

In 1907, Lee Sang Seol and Lee Wi Jong joined the Hague Peace Conference to expose Japan’s unjust invasion and appeal for the restoration of the Korean Empire’s sovereignty but died due to Japanese interference.

Source: Nate 

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