Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee will no longer collaborate in “The Prince of Confession”

The highly anticipated drama, “The Price of Confession”, will no longer feature Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee.

According to a News1’s coverage on May 17th, after a long discussion, Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee, who were considering to appear in the drama “The Price of Confession” (produced by Studio Dragon), have decided not to participate in the project.

It has also been reported that director Shim Na Yeon, who was offered to direct the drama, won’t participate in the project. 

song hye kyo

“The Price of Confession” is a drama that portrays the bloody saga of two women surrounding a murder case. The casting of Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee as lead actresses had been strongly suggested, drawing a lot of attention.

Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee have been positively considering the offer to appear in “The Price of Confession”. Moreover, the two actresses have shown support for each other through social networking services (SNS), and they continue to maintain a good relationship. This has sparked even more interest in their potential collaboration. 

han so hee

During this process, however, the lead actors and production team had several discussions related to this drama, and it was ultimately decided that Song Hye Kyo and Han So Hee would not appear in the drama due to some disagreements with the production team.

Currently, “The Price of Confession” is facing a situation where it has to come up with a new plan, seeing that strongly considered actresses and director won’t be participating. It remains to be seen how “The Price of Confession” will be completed.

Source: Nate

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