Song Ha Yoon will play a boyfriend stealer in K-drama “Marry My Husband” 

Actress Song Ha Yoon will reportedly join Park Min Young and Na In Woo in the K-drama adaptation of “Marry My Husband”. 

According to a Star News report on March 3rd, actress Song Ha Yoon will assume the role of Jung Soo Min in the K-drama adaptation of “Marry My Husband”. 

song ha yoon

“Marry My Husband” follows the 37-year old terminal cancer patient Kang Ji Won, who discovers that her husband, Park Min Hwan has been having an affair with her best friend, Jung Soo Min. However, after her husband accidentally killed her, Kang Ji Won was transported back in time to 10 years ago, before her marriage, and was determined to lead a better life. 

In “Marry My Husband”, Song Ha Yoon’s character, Jung Soo Min, is a conniving girl with a sweet and innocent appearance. Due to her unhappy childhood, she was jealous of her best friend, Kang Ji Won, and so tried to steal her friend’s boyfriend and later, husband. 

song ha yoon

Previously, actress Park Min Young was reported to assume the role of female lead Kang Ji Won, while actor Na In Woo was allegedly casted as the male lead Yoo Ji Hyuk, the boss of Kang Ji Won. 

However, seeing that Jung Soo Min is a major character with a lot of complexities, netizens believe that Song Ha Yoon’s performance is most critical for the success of “Marry My Husband”. 

Source: VKR

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