Son Yeon Jae boasted about her 9-year-older husband, “Everything about our honeymoon was great”

Former gymnast Son Yeon Jae expressed satisfaction about her honeymoon.

Son Yeon Jae attended the 17th Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign “Love Your W” held at Four Seasons Hotel, Seoul on October 28th. Her appearance can be seen in the video uploaded on the Youtube channel of W Korea.

When MC Kim Ho Young greeted, “Congratulations on your marriage”, Son Yeon Jae smiled and replied, “Thank you”.

Son Yeon Jae enjoyed her honeymoon in Paris after marrying her lover, who is 9 years older than her, in August. 

Son Yeon-jae

When asked to recommend a city for honeymoons, Son Yeon Jae smiled brightly and said, “I went to Paris. The city itself was already nice, and since it was a honeymoon, everything was great”. 

She added, “I’m happy to attend a great event like this and meet many people face to face”, expressing her feelings. 

Son Yeon-jae

At the event, Son Yeon Jae showed off her pure image and sophisticated beauty in an all-black outfit.

Source: Naver

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