Son Ye Jin’s fashion style in Thirty Nine cannot be compared to Crash Landing On You but her aura is still top-notch

Son Ye Jin’s fashion in each drama is thoroughly scrutinized by netizens.

After Crash Landing On You, Son Ye Jin decided to come back to the small screen with the drama Thirty Nine. In addition to her stunning beauty, the acting, and fashion of Hyun Bin‘s fiancée are also thoroughly scrutinized by the public.

And will the female tycoon lose her style and charisma when she becomes a 39-year-old doctor?

The female tycoon in Crash Landing On You: Wearing all expensive items, looking luxurious and extravagant

One of the most obvious points in Son Ye Jin‘s fashion style in her dramas is her elegant but extremely eye-catching style. No need to wear revealing clothes, Son Ye Jin still makes others fall in love with a luxurious and fashionable mixing style. Son Ye Jin‘s favorite items are usually jeans, blazer, casual pants, shirt, etc.

In Crash Landing on You, Son Ye Jin transforms into a rich and fashionable female tycoon both at the company and in daily life. Dressed in designs from famous brands, Yoon Se Ri (Son Ye Jin) always exudes extravagant charisma.

During her time in North Korea, Yoon Seri mainly chose simple patterned outfits to suit her living conditions but still exuded the beauty and grace of a tycoon lady. Especially looking simple and gentle, but in fact, the clothes she wears at this stage of the movie are also expensive brands.

In Thirty Nine…

In Thirty Nine, the beauty continues to amaze the audience with simple but luxurious fashion tastes from big brands such as Victoria, Tiffany & Co, Gucci, Longchamp,…

Still a Son Ye Jin in chiffon blouses, shirts, jeans, blazers… to match the role of a office worker, but in terms of the high-class aura, this role cannot be compared to the old female tycoon in Crash Landing On You.

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