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Son Seok Gu’s shy first meeting with Yoo Jae Seok: “It’s fascinating to see you in person”

Actor Son Seok Gu will appear in “Yoo Quiz on the Block.”

In the latest trailer for tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” which was uploaded on November 23rd, Son Seok Gu appeared as himself.

Son Seok Goo You quiz

In the video, Son Seok Gu expressed his admiration toward Yoo Jae Seok, saying, “It’s fascinating to see you in person more than anything else” after hearing the host said, “First time seeing you in person.”

Son Seok Gu was widely loved for his role as Mr. Koo in the JTBC drama “My Liberation Notes.” About his famous line “I worship you” in the drama, Son said, “I now say the phrase ‘I worship you’ whenever I hold a microphone. But that wasn’t even my line. It was done by (Kim) Ji-won (playing Yeom Mi Jung).”

Son Seok Goo You quiz

During the “Yoo Quiz Time”, Son Seok Gu made everyone laugh by expressing his desire to get the right answer, saying, “Is there a time limit? Is there any hint? The prize is 500.000 KRW but there’s no hint?”

Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Seok recited Son Seok Gu’s background, including his time as an art student, as a part of the troops dispatched to Iraq, and his preparation to become a basketball player after discharge. Yoo exclaimed, “You are doing all the cool things. Your life itself is a drama,” raising expectations for the main broadcast.

“Yoo Quiz on the Block,” starring Son Seok Gu, will air at 8:40 p.m. on Nov 30th.

Source: Newsen

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