Lee Dong-hwi’s reaction when asked about his girlfriend, Squid Game actress Jung Ho-yeon

Actor Lee Dong-hwi couldn’t hide his shy look when a question about his girlfriend Jung Ho-yeon suddenly came in.

On December 29th, the 2021 MBC Broadcasting Entertainment Awards was held at MBC’s new building in Sangam. Ji Seok-jin and Simon Dominic took the stage for the Best Radio Program Award.

2021 MBC Entertainment Awards Lee Dong-hwi
2021 MBC Entertainment Awards

Simon Dominic said to Lee Dong-hwi, who usually talks to Ji Seok-jin on the phone for two hours, “I have a question. Who do you talk to longer, your girlfriend (Jung Ho-yeon) or Ji Seok-jin?” Lee Dong-hwi was shy and said, “It’s Seok-jin.” It’s because I actually meet and talk to her (Jung Ho-yeon) in person,” he replied.

2021 MBC Entertainment Awards Lee Dong-hwi

Ji Seok-jin said, “Good for your girlfriend (her success) It’s something to celebrate once again. How great is it? I hope you become the second Do Kyung-wan,” he said, drawing laughter.

Lee Donghwi, received the Best Teamwork Award for his project group MSG Wannabe on “Hangout with Yoo.” He has been in an published relationship with actress Jung Ho-yeon, who has gained global popularity with the Netflix series “Squid Game,” for 6 years.

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