Son Seok-gu spotted taking a photo with fans while taking the subway even after becoming a famous star through “The Roundup”

Actor Son Seok-gu impressed netizens with his friendly and warm side.

On July 3rd, an article titled “I met Son Seok-guwas posted on an online community. The post’s author A said that he saw Son Seok-gu while getting out of the subway, drawing keen attention. 

A said, “In case he felt uncomfortable, I carefully asked Son Seok-gu if I could take a photo with him. He said ‘Let’s do it’.”

son seok gu subway

A also confessed that he was slightly scared by Son Seok-gu, who has a strong and charismatic image. However, A still expressed his happiness being able to meet Son Seok-gu in person. In the photo released by A, Son Seok-gu is standing between two men and doing a ‘thumbs up’ pose.

Internet users gave enthusiastic responses to the article, saying “Son Seok-gu is so sweet”, “Seems like he still uses the subway”, “He’s so cool”, etc.

My Liberation Notes

Meanwhile, Son Seok-gu was born in 1983 and is 40 years old this year. He recently gained huge popularity by starring in JTBC’s drama “My Liberation Notes” and movie “The Roundup”. 

Source: insight

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