“Son Na-eun’s younger sister” Son Sae-eun: as beautiful as her sister, a rising golf star

Professional golfer Son Sae-eun, the younger sister of singer/actress Son Na-eun, appeared on the “Golvengers.”  

In tvN’s new entertainment show “Golvengers,” which aired on November 14, Ji-hee, Cho Se-ho, and Koo Bon-gil decided to get help from coaches and wild card players to challenge the game against professional players. As a coach, golf master Ko Deok-ho, who was the coach of Bae Sang-moon, Seo Hee-kyung, and Maeng Dong-seop, appeared, making the members excited.

In addition, professional golfer Son Sae-eun appeared as a wild card. Son Sae-eun is Son Na-eun‘s biological sister. Her face and voice are the same as her sister, drawing surprise. She is already well known as a rising golf star for her beautiful appearance and skills.

son sae eun

Son Sae-eun said, “I tend to practice golf desperately. I tend to force myself to do it until I succeed, which is why I have high accuracy because I have a lot of practice,” showing her passion for golf.

son sae eun

Meanwhile, “Goalvengers” is a high-quality golf entertainment that amateur players challenge through “confrontation” with the strongest professional players.

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