Lisa (BLACKPINK) once mentioned Momo (TWICE) as “an excellent dancer”

Lisa (BLACKPINK) and Momo (TWICE) are two female idols that many times confuse fans with their talent and position as the best dancer in the world of K-pop idols. Who is the number 1 dancer?

BLACKPINK and TWICE have a pretty good relationship in real life. However, the fandoms of the two groups are not very harmonious. Their fans have many fanwars on social networks. The most typical fanwar is the one surrounding the main dancer position of Lisa and Momo.

Overall, Lisa and Momo’s dancing skills are all top-notch. Lisa herself used to admire her “rival” Momo. When participating in MBC’s FM4U radio, the MC asked her, “Among idols, who do you recognize as an excellent dancer?”, Lisa immediately replied with Momo’s name.

At that time, the female idol had just debuted with BLACKPINK for 1 year. While TWICE is a girl group that is already loved by the audience. There are many compliments said that Lisa has shown her appreciation and respect for her sunbae.

Lisa had many sincere sharing in MBC’s FM4U in 2017. (Photo: Screenshot)

In 2019, the 2 female idols also “caused a storm” on SNS when they both published the dance-cover video of the song “Taki Taki”. Although their performances are completely different, many netizens still tried to compare the two’s choreography. Thereby, Momo received more positive reactions because she just randomly danced to the song in “Running Man” while Lisa’s performance is pre-choreographed and supported by dancers.


Lisa’s abilities have recently improved. She is constantly being appreciated for her dancing skills when performing. Lisa has the advantage of both professionalism and body shape. Her long legs and small waist make every dance step of Lisa more appealing.


Momo, on the other hand, is a skilled dancer. Experts have previously stated that she possesses exceptional body control abilities. She is able to control her own energy and knows how to highlight each movement. Fans are always drawn to Momo’s decisive and powerful dance moves. The female idol is also referred to as the “dancing machine.”


The choreographers were also quite confused to choose who is better among the two main dancers above.  Accordingly, the famous choreographer Choi Young Joon gave one vote to Lisa.  Meanwhile, Lia Kim chose Momo.

Not only do they have great dancing skills, the two girls also possess outstanding visuals.  In particular, Lisa is somewhat more prominent by her delicate facial features and captivating aura.  Even so, Momo is still very pretty with a natural and cute smile.


Because of the aforementioned factors, fans have been constantly arguing over the years. As the battle to choose the best main dancer never stops, there are many other potential main dancers in the K-pop world. Typical examples include Seulgi (Red Velvet), Chaeryeong (ITZY), Karina (aespa),…

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