Son Na-eun, “My first meeting with Jung Yoo-mi was in LA. We got along well and made lots of memories”

Singer-actress Son Na-eun revealed her unexpected friendship.

On the October 4th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’s Two O’Clock Date Radio”, Park So-dam was in charge of the special DJ position while Son Na-eun appeared as a guest.

One radio listener sent a message, saying “I saw Son Na-eun and Jung Yoo-mi in LA, the U.S”. In response, Son Na-eun surprised everyone as she said, “It traveled to LA not long ago. Someone I know is close to Yoo-mi unnie so they came together. We met for the first time in LA and spent about two weeks together. We got along well and made lots of good memories. That’s how we became close to each other”.

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As the conversation about their close celebrities continued, Park So-dam said, “Actress Lee Jung-eun who filmed the movie ‘Parasite’ together with me. We have a huge age gap but while filming together, she approached me saying ‘So-dam ah, you’re just like my friend” and opened her heart to me. I looked into her eyes and said my line ‘Please move aside’ then we became close to each other. She’s like my real sister now”.

Jung Yoo Mi

Son Na-eun said, “I don’t have any celebrity friends. I spend most of the time with the actors I worked with”, adding “Not So-dam unnie, but Jung Yoo-mi unnie and Lee Jung-shin oppa”.

Meanwhile, “Muzie and Ahn Young-mi’s Two O’Clock Date Radio” airs from 2 p.m to 4 p.m every week. 

Source: daum

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